The Newsy Bit #2


Jökulsarlon, Iceland:
On digital marketing and more – sources, lists, and opinions, curated with love and care

“For brands, creating content involves elements of strategy, creativity, and compliance. And that combination often leads to challenges.” At Contently, engaging on this crusade, it is like “baking the perfect cake. Before you step into the kitchen, the right ingredients are key. And without a recipe to follow, it will not only be difficult for you to begin, but it will also be nearly impossible for you to replicate your success when you do get it right. To run a full-fledged baking operation, you need the right system and team in place to regularly produce goods people want to buy again and again”. Study this infographic to structure your tasks in order to create a great piece of content, and don’t forget to measure its result, because, as Barry Feldman says: “avoiding any and all content marketing metrics isn’t wise. You’re essentially denying yourself opportunities to improve—or even, justify—the efforts you’re pouring so much time into.”

Have you ever asked yourself this: “If your brand was the person at the dinner party, who would they be?“ Melissa Lafsky explains: “when it comes to branded content, we tend to incorporate it into every content marketing deck or strategy meeting—often without really diving into what “brand voice” means. The truth is, voice is far more than a buzzword. (…) From a branded content standpoint, a brand voice is core tenet for creating every piece of digital content, be it a blog post, tweet, newsletter, or infographic. Brands that communicate successfully are successful brands. And in order to communicate successfully, you have to distinguish and define your voice.
And “why wait for people to start talking about your brand when you can create a channel for them to make themselves heard and facilitate User-Generated Content (UGC)? Every piece of content a user produces on your website or site’s outpost becomes branded UGC. Brands can provide a means for their users to collaborate with them via their website, forums, and social media platforms to power up these channels with activity. For the users, they create UGC to express themselves and gain recognition. It’s a win-win situation, as brands greatly benefit from the buzz.”

What do Tinder, OKCupid and Amazon have in common: “marketing and dating aren’t all that different. They’re both about finding the right people, building a relationship, and then, after all your hard work, making that final sale”. Use “data, to tell stories” but have in mind that “people are not one-dimensional.”
If your customers are B2B, you might “have it especially tough. Their work doesn’t always get the same kind of spotlight that B2C marketing might, especially when it comes to things like word-of-mouth. Industry figures reflect this: Only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing, for example.” So, “What are some of the best ways for B2B marketers to execute customer marketing, and why?” You may find your answers in this infographic.

„According to Econsultancy, a chatbot must adhere to three basic principles if it is to resonate with a brand’s customers: it must mimic natural conversation, offer extra convenience and value beyond the engagement channels already available to customers, and it must improve customer experience. Ubisend’s Dean Withey goes a step further, stating that the best chatbots are also niche, fun and provide some form of timely content, and above all, must be able to serve their specified purpose.” Here are five bots that meet most of the criteria. And here is what happens when they don’t.

5. CX
What delivers a great customer experience today? What is your approach to them? How do you win new customers? Nick Holt from Sprint: “Make sure you have a good understanding of what your brand tenets are. Know your in-store audience, and look for opportunities to innovate. Develop a modular model, and be prepared when location-specific problems come up. Lastly, make sure you have a hook to draw consumers in.”
Online, your product detail pages are the “most potent persuasion and conversion tools. Making those pages findable and desirable on search engine results pages should therefore be an important strategy. (…) So, as a prerequisite to focusing on SEO, ensure your product pages have all of the information your visitors need to make an informed buying decision” and check this SEO list.

6. UX
In-house team or agency? Or rather both? “Great design — in UX or elsewhere — takes persistence as well as innovation. An internal department defines the organization’s creative culture, advocates for long-term commitment, and learns the messy details of getting design implemented. An external team brings a fresh perspective, a broader range of tools, and the credibility of the outside expert. When the two join together as allies and complements, magic can happen.” For Sean O’Connor “taking advantage of this trend means fostering allies within client organizations. In my experience, long-term design collaborations are the result of motivated, influential champions within the company — people who have seen good collaborative design in action. “

An important milestone for your Webdesign is your 404 page. “In recent years, creatives have taken up the challenge of designing bespoke 404 pages that at least sweeten the pill of finding you’re in the wrong place. Done really well, a 404 page can become a mini-ambassador for the website itself.” Check out these 36 examples of brilliantly designed 404-error-pages.

Here’s to know ”how did influencers amass the following they have in the first place? The ability to stand out in noisy social circles helps influencers build their audience and connect with them over and over again. It keeps them relevant. It keeps them influential. Here are the X things influencers do to stand out”, according to Larry Kim.

8. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, for a smile on your face: “My room was small and unpleasant, but phone calls to other rooms were free. On the television was CNNN, a news network founded by Lithuanian hoodlums, which was airing a story about Donald Trump’s call to legalize marrying your daughter. Every single one of the commercials advertised the exact brand of Keurig machine that I had bought three weeks ago. What hell had I entered?”

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