The Newsy Bit #1


Montreal, Canada:
On digital marketing and more – sources, lists, opinions, curated with love and care

1. Stock Photos, Fonts, Icons, and Color Palettes : “Creating a well-designed site, product, or project usually isn’t cheap. You know you want to make something that looks good–but how do you do it if you’re working with a limited budget? While there’s no substitute for hiring a great designer, there are ways to build something beautiful without spending thousands of dollars—and it starts with the little elements, like getting the font, icons, photos, and colors right.” In another stunning list, Product Hunt selects twenty-one free (or “close to free”) sources for assisting you in developing your digital project.

2. The UI Selection (clear, intuitive, cute) and Design Inspiration (elaborate, diverse) of the week by Muzli (“like crack for designers”). And if you want to know why designers live longer find out reading this list by Creativebloq , while listening to your favorite design podcast.

3. You are a fitness pro and think of going digital? Here’s how to do it best and some robust facts and figures. To coordinate your marketing activity you might want to use the new Marketing Calendar from Percolate, that ”allows marketers to see all the activity in their organization, across the globe, through channels, and for all brands in one place”, its clean interface offering a “quantitative visibility into marketing production processes”.

4. “WordPress apparently isn’t satisfied with being the content management system for more than a quarter of the websites on the internet. So, to get more users, it’s going beyond the web to find them.” Six small companies, in the first TV WordPress Adds, speak about why and how important is to communicate with your clients also online, to tell your story and to have this other chance to inform them about who you are. But “if you haven’t figured out how to tell your brand’s story well, you’re missing out on the huge revenue-boosting potential of your content marketing efforts. The right brand narrative has the power to increase the value of your business’s product or service by over 20 times.” Here are “6 Examples of genius brand storytelling” that you must read about.

5. Do you aim more engagement with your followers? Or gaining some new ones? Use these Buzzfeed-style quizzes. Another advice? Don’t lose track of staying in touch with them. Use these social media automation tools.

6. Considering that “the amount of bad SEO information online is staggering”, Tony Wright has a bold opinion about hiring the wrong people for your SEO: “My idea was that if we could get search engine marketing influencers to the table, we could come to a consensus on basic ethical guidelines. If we had a code of ethics, we could definitively call out the bad actors – the folks who intentionally abuse unsuspecting businesses, and the people who publish bad information, intentionally or not. And we could start shedding the snake-oil salesman image our industry has had since virtually its inception.”

“This year marketing executives are moving toward more data-driven content, user-focused websites, competition-busting SEO, high-ranking videos and messaging app outreach.” : more on why SEO is not dead, but even grows more sophisticated, also which other skills are a must-have in your CMO team.

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