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More chances and also more challenges for marketers to establish a profitable connection with their customers on the smart city market:  “A smart city with all this connectivity will create more touchpoints with consumers, more opportunities to market, and will put a brand in front of consumers,” said Steve Koenig, senior director of market research at the Consumer Technology Association. “If you know that Joe Citizen tends to walk past a [digital] billboard, an ad could be instantly tailored to him and shown for 30 seconds. But when somebody else walks by, they might see an ad for something completely different.”


Which industry performs in content marketing best? “Great stories leave an emotional resin on readers, imprinting them in a way traditional marketing copy does not. (…) According to a study by the marketing intelligence company Beckon, 5 percent of all branded content accounts for 90 percent of total engagement.” Why is that and how does it look exactly, when you break it down to data, into these “three key metrics: average attention time, engagement rate, and finish rate”? A certain “discrepancy suggests there’s an opportunity (…) to re-evaluate the length of (…) content. Readers are clearly hooked, but maybe the stories are too long for a given topic.”

Looking for ideas? Barry Feldman puts up this content marketing ideas list for you.


The increased use of ad blocking inspired Google to plan to offer “a built-in ad blocker for its Chrome browser next year. According to The Wall Street Journal, the new tool will be more of a quality assurance feature that will block pop-up windows and alert users when they may be exposed to content that could harm their devices. In addition to the new filter, Google will also reportedly offer a new tool called Funding Choices, which will let publishers display messages asking users to disable their own third-party ad blockers—or pay up to go ad-free.” In this podcast episode of Behind the Numbers, Karin von Abrams and Bill Fisher let us know “which countries block ads the most and what media owners can do about it” in Western Europe. E-Commerce advertisers may find useful support in this “4 New Features For Adwords” list.


“Search result snippets (…) help people decide whether or not it makes sense to invest the time reading the page the snippet belongs to.” While “the content of the page is an obvious choice for result snippets”, “there are times when the content itself isn’t the best source for a snippet.” That’s why “it’s a lot more important that webmasters provide good meta descriptions”. To “prevent Google from generating snippets altogether“ you have to specify “the “nosnippet” robots directive. There’s no way to prevent using page contents as snippet while allowing other sources.”

Also, consider that “for search engine optimization, the implications of voice search are subtle, but increasingly important. (…) Over half of all Google searches now originate on a smartphone. Of those, 20 percent happen via voice commands — without the searchers touching their screen. Extrapolated out, that means that something like one in every 10 Google searches comes from voice search.

“Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday.” Rand Fishkin on “how Google handles CSS + Javascript “hidden” text”, also some very surprising ranking details on using – or not – the “read more” tag on your blog, and about a very interesting experiment from Reboot.

Social Media

“Experts predict video will account for 80% of global Internet traffic by 2019. So now is the best time to master the medium. Thanks to easy and free video creation tools, you don’t need a big budget, professional equipment, or a filmmaking degree to make compelling videos for your brand. But since each social network comes with its own guidelines and unique audiences, you’ll need an understanding of what kind of content is effective on each network.” Hubspot analysed “what performs best on four of the top networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, so you can easily create videos that truly shine no matter where you share them.”

Take the challenge and measure your social media marketing efforts with these five key metrics.

Marketing Strategy

What is this? Why is important to know that? What’s the best way to reach Generation Z?

“No matter what sector you’re in, marketing can make or break your business. That’s why brands spend so much time and effort on developing an effective a marketing plan – but if you think the success of your marketing depends only on smart planning and doing the right things”, don’t make these five marketing mistakes.

Another important factor, “conducting market research can help you pinpoint what your prospects actually want, or even discover if a product will be successful before you launch it. Here is a list of online tools and resources to conduct market research.


“Aged people forget many things. Mainly whether they had taken their pills. That’s what the design of my gamified app, My Pills, is all about. (…) Father of a friend of mine, who is about 80, used this app and said that it could easily prevent him from getting scolded by his wife for not having the medicines on time. The design of this app is laid down in such a way that the user need not remember anything complicated (like tablet name, time and dosage of each tablet, etc).”

“Language is very important in Cross-Cultural Interfaces. It’s not only the space that we need to consider as some language will be written longer in translation, but also the orientation of itself. English or any Western Language is read and written from left to right. But Japanese, Chinese and Korean, are written and read from top to bottom in a formal context. In Hebrew, the language is written and read from right to left. (…) In conclusion, we do live in a global society. This is very important for UI/UX because we always have a challenge of understanding not only out own culture but other cultures clearly. Based on the Global UX Book, UI/UX Design has to consider not only the characteristics of users but also the technical or business environment and the nature of the tasks/interaction. Thinking globally doesn’t mean giving up your identity/culture.“

Time Saving

“By pressing a few keys on your computer keyboard at the same time, you can select tools, manipulate images and layers, and even make adjustments to your project’s canvas. But if we’re being honest, if you’re just starting out with the software, there might be far too many Photoshop shortcuts to remember them all. That’s why we created this guide — for you to bookmark and return to next time your design project leaves you stumped.”

“Extensions help with time management, organization, content scheduling, email management, and more. See this infographic  for more Chrome extensions that can save social media managers time and help maximize their productivity.”


“Ever wish you could manage your Instagram and Facebook comments and messages in one place? Have you heard of the Facebook Inbox? Facebook’s Inbox allows you to manage Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger comments and messages in a single location.” Learn how.

Also interesting, this “overview of the influencer marketplace – while not definitive, the numbers here do give some indication of what influencers are actually earning, and what you might expect to pay in a similar influencer arrangement.


“It’s funny…many of us have spent thousands of hours in business school. We’ve done internships. (…) But sometimes, all it takes is a single sentence, and everything just clicks. (…) Check out this epic collection of 100 inspirational quotes from brilliant business minds”, curated by Larry Kim.

You intend to win the best candidates for your company, but you don’t know why it doesn’t work? Listen to Reid Hoffman on “what’s wrong with the way you hire.”

Winning vs. loosing: “another generation of psychologists, management thinkers, entrepreneurs, athletes and trainers are discovering, that what we should be focusing on, paying homage to — even plastering to the insides of our boardrooms and locker rooms — is the power of losing. If you want to succeed in life, business or sports, then you first have to learn how to fail, fail a lot and fail well.”

And while passion is the drive, don’t let yourself be entangled in it, develop habits to support and enhance it.

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